THE Supreme Bean Pie

When was the bean pie created?


Actually, the bean pie dates back to the 1930's when The Savior first taught Messenger Elijah Muhammad about the magnificent, nutritious, versatile, and inexpensive small navy bean - the bedrock of the Supreme Bean Pie. Of the many ways that these delicious and nutritious beans can be prepared, came the birth of the Nation of Islam's iconic dessert and national treasure - the World Famous Supreme Bean Pie. (While there are many who make bean pies, we believe our pies are unmatched.)

 It is important to provide some background and context, in order to better understand our love affair, but most importantly, the Divine connection between the SBP an our Divine destiny. Along with the SBP, came the Supreme Squash and Supreme Carrot pies. Our sole purpose is to deliver our people to the life-giving teachings.


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