The Supreme Oasis

Humble Beginnings



The first SOBAD was located directly in the heart of West Baltimore, at 3223 Garrison Boulevard, just off of Liberty Heights and Forest Park Avenues. SOBAD, home of the World Famous Supreme Bean Pie, was established by The Caliph of Islam, Emanuel Abdullah Muhammad - along with the Muslim Believers of Muhammad's Temple of Islam #1. After the MHEM, the Last & Greatest Messenger of Almighty Allah, left off scene in 1975 - Bro. Emanuel stood up to defend and to continue the Program of the Messenger. Naturally, his first endeavor was to establish a Temple and a Bakery. From baking pies in a small "home" oven on Cottage Avenue to a full-scale and popular Bakery & Deli on Garrison Boulevard, the journey of the Believers to establish and maintain the SOBAD has been one of tremendous effort and sacrifice, but also one of great pride and fulfillment. 

Initially, the Brothers would sell Supreme Bean, Supreme Squash, and Supreme Carrot pies on the streets of Baltimore. In the early days, they travelled on foot and used reinforced brown-paper shopping bags (and even shopping carts) to deliver our mouth-watering baked goods. Soon the Believers began selling dinners on the weekends - often to local barbershops, hair salons, auto repair shops, street vendors, and other local businesses. Eventually, the menu grew to include our Supreme Cakes - strawberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, and buttercream - made with delicious cream cheese frosting! Ultimately, the great demand for our foods led to a full menu of delicious and signature Supreme foods. Folks, including many local (and national) politicians would travel from near and far to get their "favorite" goodies. The Brothers also delivered our baked goods to nearby businesses in D.C. and Virginia. Most importantly, the restaurant had become a vital, stabilizing, and respected pillar of the Black community. Many customers stopped by daily just to be in the company of the hard-working and hard-striving servants at the Supreme Oasis. 

Unfortunately, after 30 plus years, the property owner sold the building which housed the SOBAD to a commercial franchise. With great community heart-break and public outcry, the first SOBAD closed its doors on July 2, 2017.  Nevertheless, in a little more than a year - we are back!  This time, in the hometown of The Caliph, the City of Brotherly Love...Philadelphia, PA. 

Truly the hard work and sacrifice of The Believers, combined with the guidance of The Caliph, and the Help and Blessing of Almighty Allah - has put us back on the map. Not just as another "money-making" operation. But just as in Baltimore, The Caliph's mission is not just to make money, but to demonstrate what sincere, dedicated, hardworking, like-minded Black people can produce. We became beloved and respected by our many loyal customers, not just because of our exceptional food, but because we represented an actual "Oasis" - a place of nourishment, refuge, and relief. We prepare our foods with No Pork, trans fats, or MSG. In fact, the first ingredient in our food, is LOVE!

It is our earnest desire that from the moment a customer enters our doors that he or she has a supreme experience - delicious wholesome food, at affordable prices, with courteous friendly service.

The Caliph of Islam, the honorable Emanuel Abdullah Muhammad, truly appreciates your patronage and support. We welcome your comments and any concerns (small or large). 

Please call us at 215-471-2017, write us at 4401 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, or email Nuyen Emanuel, COO at

More than delicious food...

We are more than just a restaurant.  From our  radio show to our health clinic coming soon, learn what else the believers are doing. 

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